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Manufacturers Molecular Devices Simport Gordinier Electronics Nor-Lake Scientific Refrigeration Equipment Hemco Brady - Laboratory identification products designed to serve the nation's biotechnology, agricultural, environmental and forensic researchers. Pacific Bio-Material Management, Inc. Nuaire Pacific Scientific Transport MVE / Chart Viking Medical Consolidated Stills & Sterilizers TBJ Incorporated Planer Metro Starsys Amega Scientific AT Villa USA Comark Alpha Omega Instruments Elga LabWater So-low Environmental GFG Instrumentation Accsense Amerex Instruments, Inc. BMT USA
Pacific Science represents a variety of innovative laboratory equipment manufacturers. We offer one of the most comprehensive product lines available from a single source and provide services tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Service. Solutions. Satisfaction
When your laboratory needs an expert, you need Pacific Science. Since 1992, we've provided top-notch service and preventative maintenance for our products. Since customer satisfaction is our number one goal, we offer local service for most of our product lines - both before and after the sale. Our experienced sales representatives understand every product we carry. You can count on them to answer your questions and find the right solution for your laboratory.

More Choices = More Benefits
How can you benefit from our services? By having more choices. Pacific Science carries products from more than 25 of the best manufacturers in the business. And when you buy from a single source, you'll enjoy better value. We can meet most equipment requirements with the right products - at the right price. Unlike the big catalog houses, we don't represent so many products that we forget about you after the sale is complete. Pacific Science delivers outstanding service for as long as you own the product.

Biological Safety Cabinets:   Small Animal Laboratory Equipment:
LabGard™ 440   The LabGard™ 603 Reverse Flow Safety Workstation
LabGard™ 806 Dual Access Biological Safety Cabinet   The AllerGard™ 612 Small Animal Cage Changing Transfer Station
LabGard™ 437   The LabGard™ 605 Animal Containment Enclosure
LabGard™ 427   The LabGard™ 602 Cage Changing Station
LabGard™ 425   The LabGard™ 607 Animal Bedding Disposal Containment Cabinet
LabGard™ 407   LabGard™ 610 Dual Access Biological Safety Cabinet
LabGard™ 813   AutoFlow CO2 Incubators:
LabGard™ 430/435   DH Autoflow CO2 Incubator
Laminar Air Flow Hood Products:   IR Autoflow CO2 Incubator
AireGard™ 201   US Autoflow CO2 Incubator
The AireGard™ 301   DH AutoFlow™
AireGard™ 126   Environmental Monitoring Systems
AIREGARD™ NU-114   Ventilated Racks and Cages
LabGard™ 819   Equipment Installation & Service
Low Temperature:   Liquid Nitrogen Freezers:
Chromatography Refrigerators - FC Series   MVE 600/1400 Series
Chromatography Refrigerators - FC Economy Series   MVE CryoSystem Series
BOD Refrigerators IRI Series   MVE Doble Series
General Purpose Laboratory Refrigerator - 66 Cu. Ft. (1870 L)   MVE Eterne Series
Laboratory Freezers - Automatic Defrost IUF Series   MVE HE Series
Laboratory Freezers - Economy Series   Lab Series
Laboratory Refrigerators - LR Series   MVE SC Series
Laboratory Refrigerators - Economy Series   MVE SERIES
Ultra Low -80 Freezers   MVE STOCK SERIES
Harris Classic™ Maximizer™   Lab Series
The Harris® Custom Deluxe™   Enzyme and General Lab Freezers
The Harris® Custom™   Relocation/Transport
The Harris® Essential™ ELT Series   Off-Site Specimen/Freezer Storage
NuAire Inc. Ultra Low Freezer and Laboratory Freezers   Inventory Software
Ultra Low Temperature Laboratory Freezers Chest   Labeling/Scanning Solutions
NuAire Ultra Low Temperature Laboratory Freezers Upright   Freezer Inventory Racking Systems
P L A T I N U M™ S I -S E R I E S   Equipment Service
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